Underpinning Melbourne: Choosing The Best Foundation Repair Services

Over the years, many homeowners have experienced the frustration of foundation problems and the costly repairs that correcting them entails. It has been said that 90% of all foundation issues and problems are attributed to three causes:

• compacted soil loosens and settles during construction causing the foundation to move

• erosion of soil above retaining walls and on hillsides results sliding or slumping

• soil shrinkage and swelling

It is important to remember that over time, environmental and soil conditions surrounding a home’s foundation may create specific problems that need to be corrected by a professional foundation repair service.

Foundation Problem Indicators

Anytime you suspect you are having foundation problems, the safety and stability of your home is at risk.

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It may also affect the resale value of the property should you decide to put it up for sale. The following are 10 signs that indicate the presence of foundation problems:

Cracked and/or displaced moldings

• Cracks in bricks (both inside and out)

• Door, garage door, and window frame separation

• Doors and windows do not close and open properly

• Floor, floor tile, and foundation cracks

• Gaps between ceilings or floors and walls

• Sloping and uneven floors

• Wall bowing and cracking

• Wall rotation

• Walls separating from the structure

If you have noticed any of the above or a combination of these indicators, you should consider contacting a professional foundation repair service.

Repair Solutions

There are numerous foundation repair contractors who provide solutions for homeowners that are experiencing the issues listed above.

The solutions that these contractors provide have been designed, developed, and tested by geotechnical and structural engineers in order to meet domestic and international standards. The most common solutions include:

• Crawl space repair

• Foundation settlement repair

• Foundation wall stabilization

• Foundation wall straightening

• Mud jacking

• Street creep repair

street creep repair

Undergoing foundation repair is an extremely costly and time-consuming affair. It requires a significant amount of excavation around the home, mounting the structure on supports, constructing the new foundation, and then placing the structure back on it.

Additional Considerations

Every foundation issue can be attributed to soil conditions surrounding the home. When that soil loosens, water is allowed to penetrate into basements and crawl spaces.

Eventually, foundation repair will be needed to correct the situation. Both new and old foundations alike are subject to foundation problems. So it is important to have permanent solutions applied in order to prevent any future problems from developing. The first step to creating a strong structure is to ensure that the foundation of it is problem-free.

Choosing A Foundation Repair Contractor

Since there are so many companies and contractors that specialize in foundation repair, the task of choosing the right one can be extremely challenging and even be a bit frustrating for the homeowner.

The key is to interview several certified contractors who have a lengthy track record of experience and satisfied clients. If you start searching online, you will be able to compare:

• certifications and credentials

• customer reviews and/or testimonials

• services provided

• what they charge for their services

The contractor that you select will most likely start by conducting an inspection in order to pinpoint what type of foundation repair is needed and where there are problems that need to be corrected.

Once they have completed this step, they will make recommendations for how to repair the issue and provide you with a FREE estimate or quote of what the repair work is going to cost. Types of Underpinnings You Must Know About Once you have a list of several contractors, you can make a well-informed decision so that the job is done properly and your problems are solved.

Home Underpinning & Foundation Repairs Solutions

With the foundation repair services available today, repairing issues can be quick, simple, and permanent.

From bowing walls to wall cracks, heaving, settling, floor cracks, tilting chimneys and collapsing retaining walls, foundation repair companies have enough manpower to expertly handle any foundation issues.

Who does it?

Foundation repair experts at repair companies are more than qualified to undertake any problem you are facing.

The contractors are licensed and certified, and do an on-site assessment first, before dealing with the situation and deciding on a solution. Upon assessing the foundation and the damages it has incurred, the contractor formulates a customized solution, and provides a free cost quote to the home owner. If agreed upon, the repair will be initiated.

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The contractors use good quality products and well-designed solutions that are permanent. The effective and permanent solutions rendered by these foundation repair services are warranted and transferable.

The contractors also do a follow-up visit to the site to ensure that the problem has not reoccurred and the customer is satisfied.

This is just another sign of the hard work and dedication of top-quality foundation repair contractors.

It is not difficult to find a company that addresses structural repair or foundation cracks, just make sure you contact a qualified, professional company that has access to state of the art equipment.

The Solutions

The solutions implemented by the contractors are designed and tested by geotechnical and structural engineers and meet the local and international standards. The common solutions applied to foundation issues are:

· Foundation wall stabilization

· Street creep repair

· Foundation settlement repair

· Foundation wall straightening

· Crawl space repair

· Mud jacking

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Replacing a foundation is a time consuming, costly process. The process requires excavation of the area around the house, placing the house on temporary supports, building a new foundation and placing the structure back in place.

All issues Underpinning to foundation are related to the surrounding soil conditions. The loose soil surrounding the foundation lets water penetrate to the crawl space or basements, thereby damaging the structure.

Both old and new foundations are subject to damage. Make sure to apply a permanent solution so that there will be no need to go back and fix your foundation for a second time.

Having a strong and problem-free foundation is the first step towards having a strong structure. Addressing all the foundation issues will relieve you from tensions about structural damages and increase the market value of your home.

Do You Need Underpinning Or Restumping Of Your House?

Underpinning is the transfer of the structure’s foundation from its existing standard to a lower level in the ground. There are some reasons for which underpinning are required. To prevent the damage to the structure, the strength of the foundation is extended to an elevation below the lower elevation of the proposed digging.

It adds height to your existing foundation, which will add 100% living space to the basement. And also underpinning adds value to your home and giving your home an additional selling feature for re-sale.


Underpinning or restumping is not a one man job to do. Before making such big decisions, make sure to consult the Best Types of Underpinning Melbourne in the town. You can get them easily on the web. Just do a quick research and find out who has the best reviews.

Why Do You Need Restumping For The House?

Most houses or buildings use either concrete stumps or wooden stumps as a foundation for structure support that sits above the ground.  Stumps are vulnerable to deterioration and rotting. Over a period, the house becomes unsafe and unstable to live. Restumping experts help fix the issues with bolstering the foundation with new stumps.

Reasons for Underpinning or Restumping:

Over a period, the original base of the foundation has simply lost its stability and strength to hold the structure on its own due to decaying of wood piles under the soil from excess water absorbed, etc.

Common Methods:

Underpinning Service In Melbourne is widely accepted by the users from every field of life. They get the best of the best underpinning services from the professional underpinning experts.

Method 1: the mass concrete underpinning process is a very good example. The method bests suits for shallow underpinning and includes digging up the weak soil below the surface of the foundation and replacing it with mass concrete which will provide more stability and strength. Since the base is now stronger than before, the structure’s weight is carried in a better and efficient manner.

Method 2: Another process involves the use of a beam and a base. This process makes use of the traditional constructing way of mass concrete bases but also combines beam to serve as a support system for the already existing foundation. Then the beam transfers the load to a mass concrete base which is spread evenly for support.  The beam’s construction depends on the architecture of the building that is built on the foundation.

Method 3: Another type of underpinning process, called as mini-piled underpinning that involves carrying the structure’s load and the foundation to stable the soil that is found deep under the ground. The soil’s depth exceeds 6 meters. The piles are cased in steel and are having a diameter ranging from 15cm to 30cm. Then the piles are driven into the holes, making them rest on the soil below the surface level.


  1. It is necessary to stabilize structural issues that have developed over the period. 
  2. The process of underpinning the foundation of the building makes the structure accessible for correction, inspection, and improvement. As the underpinning is done in older homes, older household plumbing, insulation, and electrical systems can be changed with the new one. You will get new concrete flooring. Altogether, you will get long term savings in safety, energy, and comfort of the entire building. 
  3. The underpinning of the foundation dramatically increases the use of the ground space, up to 50% of the room in the house. If you do so, the basement can turn into a training room, spa, entertainment field, etc. 
  4. The soil properties on which the building lies have changed- there could have been some possible movement on the surface, might be through subsidence, underpinning can help strengthen the entire building from any further damage. 
  5. If a new building is very next to your existing house, then underpinning is required to strengthen your house.

Underpinning Services- Safety is your Business

As you all know that Underpinning is one of your basement lowering techniques that is the most effective. It is an effective way of boosting your basement’s space from floor to ceiling, giving you more head room. Underpinning is particularly important for very old basements that were designed to be small and short, often requiring that visitors bend down or crouch in order to travel around. Underpinning is a foundation repair solution used to address insufficient foundations in existing structures, such as homes and businesses, particularly in extreme cases where significant foundation damage has occurred. In the process of repairing of foundation underpinning, it helps to provide additional stability and prevent future foundation problems from breadth as well as length.


With the help of underpinning services you extend the life of your foundation depth or width so it rests on supportive soil. This will insubordinately stabilize your home foundation and your home will not move. It will help to reduce the chances of your home settling or sinking. Our underpinning process can be completed in several different ways, but each requires excavation and removal of excess soil under and around the basement. This can be accomplished by hand or heavy equipment such as backhoes and soil loaders. The latter are more costly, but save significant time and labor.


Methods of Foundation Underpinning:-

Pit Method: – This is the traditional method and it is also called mass concrete underpinning method.  In this method it involves the extending the old foundation till it reaches a stable layer. In this method firstly there are holes which are cut in the wall above the ground level at common intervals and strong needles are then inserted through the holes to carry the entire load of the structure. Generally, these needles are made up of timber beam or steel joist. This needle is supported on either side of the wall on wooden supports and screw jacks. When your foundation pit is scoop up to the desired level and at that time new foundation is laid. In the round, the work is undertaken in alternate sections.

If you want to transfer the load from old foundation to new one then you need a new pin by means of placing dry sand-cement pack. This is a low-cost method suitable for the shallow foundation.

Pier Method: – It is also called base and beam method.  In this method piles are driven at regular interval along both sides of the wall. The piles should be connected with concrete or steel needles, which penetrate through the walls. These beams also act as pile caps. This type of strategy is helpful for water logged soils where walls convey heavy loads. At that time piles and needle beams changes into an everlasting part of the establishment and existing foundation of the walls which are not disturbed.


These mass concrete bases are put in place at predetermined locations, and the beam is installed to transfer the weight of the building onto these bases.  

If you want to learn more about our foundation underpinning in Melbourne then give us a call here at Underpinning-Melbourne. Here we will get your home back to tip top shape before you know it. We are your leading basement underpinning and foundation underpinning service providers.